2024 Sci-Fi Movie Selection World Mission - MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU - in Koenji Theater Bacchus2024.5.4

in Koenji Theater Bacchus

SF特撮映画セレクト・ワールドミッション - MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU -
in 高円寺シアターバッカス

From Koenji to the world!
May 4, 2024 "Sci-Fi Movie Selection World Mission"!
- MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU - in Koenji Theater Bacchus

Six excellent indie sci-fi movies with English subtitles will be screened at once for "foreign Sci-Fi Movie fans living in Tokyo"!

2024年5月4日、高円寺シアターバッカスにて、珠玉の日本インディーズSF映画6作品を一挙上映! すべての映画は英語字幕付きです。関東在住の外国人SFファンのみなさま、ぜひお越しください!

Produced by Mikado Production / Happy Monsters

Sci-Fi movie selection World Mission trailer

May 4, 2024 (Saturday)
Koenji Theater Bacchus
(Rainbow Building 3F, 21-6 Koenji Kita, Suginami-ku, Tokyo)



Ticket Information

Tickets are now on sale online!

For event inquiries, please send us an email. (If you are unable to purchase online, you can also make a reservation by email. Please let us know your name, nationality, and number of people.)

チケットはオンラインで絶賛発売中! イベントへのお問い合わせはメールをお送りください。(オンラインでのご購入ができない場合、ご予約はメールでも承ります。お名前と国籍、人数をお知らせください。)

Ticket/入場料金(税込/tax included)

General/一般料金 1,800Yen
Foreigner/外国人 1,500Yen
※Please be sure to bring your ID.
Student/学生 1,500Yen


Order by Peatix

Order by e-mail


"Koenji Theater Bacchus"
(Rainbow Building 3F, 21-6 Koenji Kita, Suginami-ku, Tokyo)
5 minutes walk from JR Koenji Station.
Go straight with your back to the north exit of the station.

Screening program

Screening program


12:30 OPEN / 13:00 START / 17:30 CLOSE

"F I L A M E N T" (36min.)
Mission Director: Daiki Tanaka

Yusuke had a secret that he couldn't tell anyone. He could fly. Yusuke uses this power to begin his career as a hero, which has been his dream for a long time. However, what awaited him was a harsh reality that was completely different from his ideals.

"B L U E" (23min.)
Mission Director: Hiroki Wakamatsu

In the society where the people have been living underground for hundreds of years, a young artist has been working under a political leader to create propaganda posters to keep people staying underground. One day, he meets a girl who secretly raises a blue flower, which might be a sign that the surface is recovering. Fighting the fear of uncertainty, He embarks on a journey to see the sky with her.

"Ryoko's Qubit Summer" (18min.)
Mission Director: Yuichi Kondo

In the experimental world of "Kanuma", AIs begin to speak in a language that humans cannot understand. The frightened developers try to delete "Kanuma", but...

Mission Director: Young-H. Lee

In the violent underworld of a future Asian city, a group of cyborg criminals abduct women to sell into sex slavery. When they abduct Grace, the girlfriend of an assassin, he seeks out the help of a black clinic doctor who convinces him that there’s only one way to save her: become a cyborg himself.

"HARAN BANJYO -Full of ups and downs-" (12min.)
Mission Director: Takeo Nagura

One day, MASAHIRO HUKE, who was living a normal life, is abducted by "Leon" and the android "Ponette" who came from outer space. Despite his confusion, his life is about to change drastically...

"REUNION:02 -GENESIS-" (60min.)
Mission Director: Jun Kitamikado

A sci-fi human drama set in a bar in another dimension, featuring sad humans, cyborgs, and robots.


The main MC is Josh Surface, who loves science fiction movies and is also a big Star Wars fan! And Mr.Chameleole! And Asuka Kiryu, who translates subtitles for foreign science fiction movies and is also an actress!

メインMCはSF大好き、大のスターウォーズファンでもある Josh Surface!謎の星からやってきた職業怪人カメレオール!そして海外SF映画の字幕翻訳を行い、女優でもある桐生あすか!

Happy Monsters